About Us

Mufti Muhammad Saeed Khan sahib is a well known and respected scholar from Pakistan. He had attained the trust and affection of as great a luminary as Hadhrat Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi (رحمة الله عليه). He has also benefitted from Ali Mian Nadwi’s (رحمة الله عليه) companionship and received guidance from him while in Pakistan, Europe as well as in India, so much so that today he is widely considered one of the primary proponents of Hadhrat Ali Mian Nadwi’s thought and ideas. He has truly understood the mission of the Maulana, and is carrying out effective efforts of deen, according to it.

Mufti Saeed sahib has been visiting Europe, USA and Canada for many years, and is well aware of the conditions of the Muslims in these countries. There is no doubt that the Muslims in the west have benefitted immensely from his work.
Mufti Saeed sahib’s work is focussed on reforming Muslim society, inculcating the love of the Prophet ﷺ, and developing people’s confidence and reliance on the solutions that Prophethood has provided for the problems of our times. His lectures on Tafseer of the Holy Qur’an are a work of great research and span over 500 hours of audio (also available in verse-by-verse format). He has also presented a biography of Aurangzeb Alamgir (رحمة الله عليه) which is based on thorough research from original sources.

Apart from these, his other notable works are his lecture series on The Right Aqeedah (belief), Method and meaning of Namaz, and his amazing explanation of the Hujjatullahi-Al-Balighah - the towering work of the great reformer Hadhrat Shah Waliullah Dehlawi (رحمة الله عليه). All these lectures and many other series are available for download at his website www.seerat.net